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The "Hollywood Father/Daughter Purity Ball" is a feisty satire of the movement that has become a staple of evangelical communities in Bible Belt states.
– Los Angeles Times


GO THE HOLLYWOOD FATHER/DAUGHTER PURITY BALL Guests are greeted warmly at the door by Jesus-loving folks in full prom regalia assaulting you with questions about whether you're a "primary" or "secondary" virgin. A primary gets exalted with praise, "Oh my, never touched by a man (or woman)!" Don't bother blushing; their smiles are as genuine as their devoutness. Co-producers Laura Summer and Maggie Rowe (also a co-writer/performer) poke fun at the wildly growing tradition of Purity Balls hosted by evangelical Christians. Girls as ripe as 4 years old pledge their virginity to their fathers in a promlike atmosphere. Co-writers Rowe and Jim Valley simultaneously entertain and educate the audience on the ritual. Abstinence is the answer in this interactive production of dance, dining and song. Wait, are we in the Bible Belt? Oh no, this is Hollywood, where a call for purity is most needed. Terry Pilser (Jonathan Schmock), a father of three girls, holding his middle and oldest daughter tightly, cries out, "Wouldn't Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears reap benefits from this ball?" Pilsner leads the lighthearted variety show of live music and song (by Gary Stockdale), with performances by the Regal Purity Ballet Troupe (choreographed by Kimmy Robertson) and the band Fishes and Loaves (though I swear I heard the name slip as "Fishes and Hoes"). DJ Savey-Save (Jack Rudy) lights up the night with Backstreet Boys beats as guests carouse the bar and feed on appetizers, free to admire a banner proclaiming, "Just because I've closed my legs doesn't mean I've closed my mind!" Next week, Reverend Bill Maher is the keynote speaker. Prom apparel is required. ACAPULCO RESTAURANT, 385 N. La Cienega Blvd., W. Hlywd.; Sat., Sept. 15, 8 p.m. (323) 960-5771. (Sophia Kercher)
– LA Weekly